Friday, March 23, 2007

Brent Today

Just in case you’re curious . . . these are from ME today. I took these myself. I’m really sorry I’m not more inspired today than this. I’ve got a ton of ideas but execution of these ideas seems to be the real problem these days . . .

If you’re tired of the lack of change up on the blog, then e-mail our “webmaster” at And, I implore you to take a minute to make an e-mail. Maybe you can prevoke change more easily than I might be able to.

I’m sure he’ll be able to relay your concerns more effectively to the powers that be (than I might be able to).

Until then, enjoy the name and the image of Brent Corrigan because clearly that means more to this company than the actual substance.

With Only Love and Respect to All of You,
Brent Corrigan

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1. murry Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 2:41 am

Hey Brent, my sweetheart,

(email removed) is new add?
I send e-mail to you later.
Wish your well and take care!
I love you very much!

2. jonny Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 3:23 am

new hairdo?

i like it.
3. DewayneinSD Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 4:27 am

Mornin just getting up and wrote up a typical LONG Dewayne comment,,,posted it too, hell not sure where. Well it seemed appropriate where I posted it & I am sure you’ll find it ;) WHERE? Of course in moderation where else! ;) Sorry, well what to say Brent except that top picture sums a lot up. You are and always have been a Chameleon changing moods,looks,Faces ;) like some of us put on socks in the morning! Nothing wrong there,that is how you stay fresh and exciting, never bore your public! So What do I see? The Normal Brent Fresh,Clean waiting for what? Someone to act? To Do something? Maybe I also see a young man with a hint of a shadow,a little stubble on his chin. A reminder that NOTHING is Static,All things change,MY image may morph and yes there is a Man in the Mirror ready to move Forward or Move on,,,,,
4. YiZeng Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 5:36 am

Brent Corrigan
I’m 18 years old.I’m from China.So I don’t speak English very well.I like yo
your some films.For example,The Velvet Mafia、Naughty Boys Toys and so on.
In the film,you’re very sex and handsome.Your cock is very big.
Oh,my email is (email removed) and I hope that you can make friend with
me. 我爱你。(I love you)
From YiZeng
5. winkle Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 7:06 am

hi brent
you do appear to come across a little dissheartend today i hope im wrong.I found your site a month ago and i have been intreeged by you.everyone has good and bad days u just have to keep battleing on at least u now what u want to do in life.Im in a situation were i dont now what direction to go.thats bad because icould end up doing nothing and thats not have got what it takes keep it up.I addmire you lots of love winkle
6. Johnboy Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 7:11 am

Well I for one care more for the substance than the name Brent Corrigan is nothing without it….With love always your friend Johnboy
7. evil_gene Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 8:05 am

why worry if you are not inspired, know that your photos will more than likely inspire others to do something created well at least while they are at work :)

Have a great Tuesday.

8. Piers Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 8:31 am

You look so much older! The facial hair is probably giving that effect, it looks good, keep it! ;)
9. myshak Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 8:45 am

hey brent.
lookin’ a bit serious and beardy there my friend..:)
thanks for the pics, but maybe let your hair grow a bit… it doesn’t do you justice in my humble opinion…

have a great day,
m. x
10. Josh Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 9:09 am

Brent, Brent, Brent.

I’d like to give you some advice.

Cut ties with all these idiots and take charge of what is yours.

You don’t need “Brent Corrigan” and everyone who works on HIS
behalf…you need to be in charge of your ideas instead of depending on
other people to see them to completion. If your webmaster isn’t doing his
job, get another one. If your “company” isn’t working, take charge and
fix it! I run a very successful business now, but I had to make some very drastic changes to get here. I was alot like you my friend. When it comes to your ideas, your business, your income,
your creativity, your stamina, your plans, your dreams you can’t depend
on others to make it happen for you. You MUST learn to let go of the
victim attitude. I’ve seen evidence of this attitude countless
times in your writing, you don’t ever want too much sympathy or empathy
from your target market, that do more to push them away than draw them in.

If you want to put pressure on your web-master, make it sound like a team effort, not a plea for help. Instead of, “please e-mail this guy…he won’t listen to me” try, “I need you guys to help me make some changes, send and e-mail to:” When you create a team it’s always more effective than putting the whole burden on your fans to sort out. I know you’re most likely not even going to read this, but it’s so entertaining to watch you trying to figure out where you’re going with your life. You’re going to be as big as you want to be as soon as you’re ready and willing to take charge of what’s yours. Don’t focus on the people holding you back, focus on getting out of their grip and your life will be yours. You’re never going to get there if you don’t have the guts to make the decision.
11. skyler Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 9:16 am

It’s important for your partners to understand that if you are not happy, we are not happy. They need to keep you very, very happy.
With love, Skyler
12. Allen Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 9:18 am

Hi Brent,

I have to admit— I didn’t think you could get any HOTTER than you already are, but I LOVE these candid shots. Even if the powers that be are content with showing only images of you over substance, I’d be VERY satisfied! :) (j/k)

But I’ll email the Webmaster just the same…

13. Jae Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 11:05 am

Oh Brent! I’m sending you some hugs from across the pond. Love Jae
14. Lee Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 11:09 am

Hey Brent,
I’ve been visiting this site for a while now and i can honestly say i dont get tired of your blogs expecially when you post new pictures. Your starting to look your age wich is deff sexy, btw you have the hottest body ever!!!! Good luck and success!!
15. Leandro Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 12:10 pm

hi Brent!

i’m a BIG fan of you, but i don’t say this just because of your body, but for everything that makes you a interesting guy =D

a hug from Brazil
16. Jack Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 1:11 pm

Hey Sean, this is Jack.
I’m going to e-mail Jeremy & tell him to relay my message to whoever it is supposed to go to. We Fans are here because of you. If you aren’t happy, then we won’t be happy. The end result will be that we won’t be here. What will “they” do then?

Love from your Friend & devoted Fan,
17. Jesse Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 1:21 pm


Head up young person; things will get better.

18. jon Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 1:23 pm

Hi Brent,
love the hair cut i dont know gives you a boyish kind of glow thats a turn on i must say keep trying to do things your way were here for your comments and life stories etc. keep it up love always jon
19. Graeme Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 3:44 pm

Brent, what do you expect is to say. Your body is as hot and smooth as ever but what has happened to your face. Normally short hair makes guys look younger, but you look rough. You could pass for 25 no prob.

Those other bathroom pics showed you as fresh and alert. These are not good. My God, get some Clinique!
20. Mikel the German Pimp from the Yay Area Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 3:48 pm

ahhhh. u and i have the same hair!!!! yo, we can be twins!!!! as much as i though you looked hella fine with long hair and the clean cut look, u look so mothafuckin sexy w/ dat hair and the facial hair. u should grw a goatee!!! i say grow ur hair out just a smidgen and keep the facial hair. AND THATS AN ORDER CUZ I KNOW SOM CRAZY PPL W/ A LOT OF TIME ON THEIR HANDS. im such an ass.
21. James Somerton Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 3:51 pm

Wow! You look really hot with that gotee. And get be discouraged. I’ve been a big fan for a few years now (so i was a tad young when i first saw you lol) and i know you can make it through anything.
22. Craig Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 4:03 pm


Love the hair cut, damn boy you look so good with your hair short like that. Not to mention those nice abs you have developed lately :-) Wish I was out in Cali so I could come see you sometime at Donkey Punch, sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy your blog, even the ones that don’t stay up long :_0
23. Brent Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 4:05 pm


At least you are consistent. It never fails, keep your critical observations and negative comments coming, I guess?

much love,
24. Martin Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 4:10 pm

brent. wow. amazing things going on with you the last few months. im really curious to see what happens next. i have to say ive started a business and i know how brutally hard it is and i thought youd be walking away quite well set for the rest of your life but if what youve been saying is true i do have sympathy. they me be cutting checks but you were doin loads of work. wow. what are you going to do? i dont imagine you can cut ties completely because you need money to make money and you need someone to bank roll a new website if you wanted to move. i think your a clever and charismatic personality. i imagine youve done questionable things but i think you work in an industry where thats not only the norm but expected. but i still wanted to see you come out on top. hope you still can. - martin
25. Tony Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 4:15 pm

Hey Brent,
I like the news pics. Short hair looks nice, and I’m diggin’ the psuedo-goatee. Keep on keeping on and never lose your hope, it’s the best thing any one has.
Much Love,
P.S. What’s going on with the Spanish translator? Will work for free… haha
26. david Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 5:43 pm

hey brent
as others said you seem to be bit down today
all i can say is that from what youve said times seem to be repeating themselves and id like to just say that you should stand up for yourself and become as independant as possible so that you dont have these ppl who want the brent corrigan name just because of what it is etc
we want who you are not what the name stands for and i hope that you are abvle to give this bk to us soon
gd luk
from ur biggest uk fan
david (london, england)
27. Brent Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 6:03 pm

Hey Everyone!

I figured I’d drop by and just say hello for a minute . . . maybe answer some of your comments.

The hair is new from about a little more than 2 weeks now. When I first got it cut, it was disappointedly too short. It’s growing out nicely though and I don’t have any intentions of keeping it short. I’m glad some of you like it! But don’t stress, it’s just something to mix up the look a little. I don’t see this as a permanent fixture. So if you don’t like it as much, you don’t have a whole lot to worry about.

I’m really glad to know some of you can see the importance in this simple little blog post. The fact that there are so few words here doesn’t mean there isn’t a big message here. I’m pleased to see some of you are picking up on that. I’m proud to know I have friends, fans, and viewers who understand the importance of my involvement here, and my happiness in doing so.

You see, it’s a very simple concept. When I’m happy, I work well. I’m creative. The ideas flow. The interest catches on more strongly. I’m a more captivating person. When I’m not happy, when I’m upset, or when I’m stressed and unsure, all those great qualities are lost behind such feelings.

Some of you are right! “Quit playing the victim, Brent!” I’m trying everything to stay on, stay focused, and show that I’m committed here. But, at some point, if I don’t get some commitment from others, I can’t see a reason to continue involvement here. If I’m a victim at all in this scenario, it’s simply that I trusted in business when I should have contracted in business.

I’m excited because, as I’ve wanted to before, I’m ready to begin dispersing my eggs into other baskets. I’m picking up some promo work here in San Diego, I might involve myself with some pride events, and I’m looking at filming another short film with Jody Wheeler.

I just really want to let all of you know I’m proud to have you here on the blog. I know you are all here for your own reasons and I hope I’m managing to feed your Brent Corrigan appetite, no matter what sort of Brent Corrigan diet you might have. If your Brent Corrigan diet mostly consists of my adult work, then once again I apologize for not being able to deliver the things I want and should deliver. I know it’s been a long wait but I’m hoping it hasn’t been too excruciating.

The Member’s Only Site is up and open for business! Yes, you currently can subscribe. My one fear at this moment is that it’s not up to my standard and I’m concerned about how much I will be allowed to be involved in the refinement of new material. These things are out of my control at the moment. What I can guarantee you is that if and when I get a little more slack, you will not be disappointed. Until then, I’m afraid I can’t take too much credit with what comes along in the very near future.

But! What’s already there on the Member’s Only site is just the foundation of a vision Grant and I are both diligently worked and are working toward. If we get a chance, we’ll take it further. Admittedly, we’re very amateur. We’re learning a lot as we go, as I mentioned before. But all the substance is there, and we both feel like, should we be allowed to continue as we were, we have a very fun, real product to bring to all of you and we don’t aim to disappoint!

Ok, enough of the shameless website promotion. I’m cooking up a new ASK BRENT article. I’ve got some fun ideas for posts but because I’m feeling a little creatively crippled, my execution on these is slow coming. So, please, do me a favor and help me cure my creatively crippled position and e-mail my webmaster.

I want to continue doing polls, I want to add galleries and new banners, I want to add an online store. I would like to change the header photo on the top of the blog. I can’t do these things myself because I don’t have access to the back end of the website. The webmaster “Jeremy” has to do it. He’ll probably take note of these possible changes if you all point out to him that the place is getting a little stagnant. I can’t seem to make that message clear to anyone who can make changes . . . Make these requests to Jeremy and have him e-mail me when he’s ready. Again, you can e-mail him here: Jeremy

28. alejandro Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 6:26 pm

wow. u look so incredible mature and powerful. the new haircut was realy worth the money (facial hair also a nice touch).
29. Iowa Boy Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 7:13 pm

All I can say is…keep it going! You have naturally so much in your favor, don’t change a thing. Despite the perceived negativity, continue to KNOW THYSELF! No other plan than that.
30. kurt Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 8:31 pm

Hello Brent,

Here to show my humble support for you and your site. Just remember bud, Rome was not built in a Day so keep taking steps cause you are heading in the right direction.

Ps. Your working out is paying off. Please do remember that Health is Wealth.

A Fan,

31. Dan Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 11:20 pm

Seems like there are some serious missing pieces to why they have taken
away your creative involvement and censored you. An assumption would be
that they are of the mindset to get what they can now out of your fan$.
Without us really knowing who is behind your posts and their content
we are left not knowing the full story. The website is at best lackluster
and dated…just look at the tour/preview part, its pathetic. Its not
just a shame that this has happened but the timing and way you must feel
being taken advantage of while working hard to defend and get the rights
to “Brent Corrigan” and settle the past. Now with the Falcon release of
Velvet Mafia, your fan base should expand greatly. Seems so narrow
minded of the business partner not to be behind you. Short term gain but in
the long run I think Sean will be the eventual winner in this. You can
produce and release via the internet a new site and your material. Your
fans like the short films and amateur stuff you come up with. If you
need a publicist or public relations manager…hmmm well I have always
wanted to do that, lol. Seriously though I think if you are not already
working on a book, maybe now is the time to look into that. It will sell
and it will be your story and your control. I can just see you signing
books at the AVN awards in Vegas or a tour of clubs in the US and checking
out all the talent nationwide. Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t
sell out just to have peace with what appears now to be a pimp of a
Your a STAR,
BTW Your hair can be any length…I think it looks good at Donkey Punch.
Also, I am heading to Vegas (Palms) for a few days to get away…any
opinion of KRAVE?
32. Dan Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 11:36 pm

* Remember, Brent Corrigan is not only featured on, he is also an owner. Therefore your loyalty and participation in will directly benefit Brent Corrigan, which will in turn contribute to a long, healthy and prosperous future together!

This is so misleading…

Has Brent recieved a fair share???
33. Merry Says:
March 21st, 2007 at 12:15 am

Hi! Brent!
you look so hot ^^ short hair is nice

사랑해요~^^ (love you so much)

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