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Revealing Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan interview at you can find the original on "About Brent" at right. Flick and a Star: Revealing Brent Corrigan

Though the scenes he filmed for Cobra Video while still a minor rocked the adult entertainment industry by storm, porn star Brent Corrigan says the two shoots the company spread out over five films weren't worthy of the Traci Lords style scandal that followed. Now, with a video for Falcon, mainstream films and a wildly successful Web site under his belt, Brent's career should be soaring. So why is the wildly intelligent 20-year-old still struggling to put the pieces together?

We sat down with Brent to talk about the ups and down of his career over the past few years: His words, his story!

You did a fair amount of work before you turned 18, which caused quite a bit of controversy in the industry. Was it tough for you to be taken seriously as a performer once you turned 18?

Most of the interviews I’ve done in the past have loosely hinged on the interest that I did adult work as a minor. I would like to put things perspective a little.

When I did the work underage, it was two shoots within one month of each other, for one studio. The content filmed from those two shoots was spread over four DVD releases. My work as a minor was short lived considering it only took me two shoots to realize the severity of the situation.

My decision to allow myself to be ushered into that line of work (underage) haunted me for nearly three years after the shoots. These days, although I’ve been through hell and one lawsuit regarding it, I feel that the hard times in our lives strengthen us, humble us, and teach us. At the end of the day, we can endure a lot more than we think we can. At some point, this might come back to bite me in the ass, but... I’ve never much worried about what others thought of me. I do my thing and am who I am, and if I’m lucky I’ll get a few loyal followers out of being genuine. I’ve spent the last year or more working with and for my own production studio, so finding work and being taken seriously by others in the industry has never really been a concern of mine.

After all of the well documented things you went through while working as a minor in this business, what made you decide to continue your career?

First of all, the truth about my situation with Cobra was hardly well documented in an accurate nature. However, with the settlement we all have decided to allow the past be the past and look to the future. My reasons for continuing in the industry are fairly varied. A little over two years ago, thanks to Grant (my boyfriend of two years), I finally started noticing my potential and popularity. How and why I got started doing my company is closely related to my legal battle we just settled. I can’t specifically talk about that.

However, I can say that at one point, after feeling taken advantage of, and not being allowed the venue to nurture all my potential and personality, it became apparent that the only way I was going to get what I wanted was to do it all myself. I felt that if I had the drive, determination, creative persona, and all the assets I should be the first one to use those as I see fit. Since that wasn’t necessarily the case when I started working as part owner in LSG Media (my parent company), I felt it was at least my turn to use what others had. I also felt like I had been through too much to just turn around and walk away with nothing. Although now, I’m still fighting for all my hard work, at least I’m getting closer to what is rightfully mine.

Not only have you continued in front of the camera, you’re producing. Does all the work get tiring?

The term producer for me is very general. I produce porn. To me this means everything from filming, to art direction, to handling the models. When I’m filming, I put everything into it. We do a lot of the filming out of home base. We’ve had plenty two week long shoots where my home is invaded by boys in multiples of two’s and four’s. On those shoots, it’s all about the boys. I do everything from feeding them, keeping them entertained, housing them and filming the intended work. Sometimes I feel more like a host than a producer.

Thankfully, one of my most important jobs is making sure everyone is enjoying himself and that they are happy and healthy. In doing so, I manage to have a little fun myself. The casual nature in which we shoot, yet the professional approach we have in dealing with our models, allows us a very dynamic arrangement. Is it tiring? Hell yes! But it’s a satisfying feeling because we get the job done and manage a good time in the interim. Not to mention I really feel great at the end of the day knowing I’m doing right by my models. If I go to the top, I intend to drag the ones that stick by me all the way there with me.

In addition to adult videos, I know you’ve done some mainstream stuff. Is acting a passion for you?

A passion? I’m not quite sure if that’s the word for it... An interest, yes. Recently I filmed a pilot for Ryan J. Davis and Eric Svejcar called Didn’t This Used to be Fun? It was a rock musical short they are using to shop around to potential investors for the full length feature. They’ve asked me to come back for the final, full production project. I’ve also worked on Jody Wheeler’s Tell Me which is a gay themed sci-fi short. That will do the film festival circuit. As far as acting goes, I’ve just been picking up what comes my way. If I could find an able agent who could find things that might work well with what I already do (gay related, erotic art projects) then I think I could really get into it. At this time, it’s not a major focus of mine. I’m definitely interested in seeing more of what’s out there. I’m just not going to break my neck trying to do it. I’ve got this terrible fear of feeling inadequate and I’m a little concerned that by pursuing some serious acting work I would have to face that fear more often.

Tell us about What’s the general goal behind the Web site? is under some serious threat right now. We managed to settle my lawsuit (which was keeping us from collecting from our billing company) but now we are dealing with unrest within the company. My majority stock holder and chairman, Lee Bergeron, has refused to have a legally binding operating agreement written up for our limited liability corporation. This has left all specifics about who makes what decisions, the allocation of assets, and who gets paid completely left up to him by default (because of his position as majority stock holder) I’ve filmed twenty-plus scenes for my company, for which I am 30% owner of. However, I have not been paid a dime nor seen a penny toward all of my promotional efforts and the lent use of my image and name to promote the company.

What’s worse is, he removed my boyfriend of two years, who has coveted me, my involvement in the company, and nurtured the company along side me the entire time this past year, from his position as President of LSG Media (the parent company of Although you can, to this date, sign up to see me in action on my Web site, I have not accomplished what I originally set out to do.

Originally, I started involvement in a company for which I was part owner in so that I might staple in some guarantee that I might have something to show for continued adult work in the industry. Right now I refuse to promote the re-opening of the Member’s Site for fear that if I continue to promote something I have no control over, it may come back and hurt me. and are our projects, despite my feelings about my chairman.

Grant and I want to take pride in producing wholesome adult work where no one is degraded, embarrassed, or exploited. We pay attention to good pairing and we only produce condom work. Because I’m also a model, and I’ve experienced my share of bad producers, I want my boys to know they are taken care of and safe. It’s my prerogative to be sure that they enjoy themselves when they come out because I know many of them come to do the adult work for the experience and good time.

Most importantly we promote a healthy, fun, sexually charged product that exhibits boys at their best: standing tall, hard and proud. Now, if I could just convince my chairman that by taking our company to big corporations like Marina Pacific and subjecting our Web site to developers that have done other mega porn sites we’re cutting out most what makes us so popular: that yes, indeed, Brent Corrigan is the youngest, most eager, most determined and creative young porn producer in the industry. We’ve gotten this far without the help of others and we can go even further and do even more.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take some more time because I’m not going to let haste determine my business decisions. Part of the problem is the chairman is so far out of reach with what we do and what the fans want. If he could only understand the army of interest and why I appeal to such a wide audience then we could more easily move forward.

As a writer, I have to say, you’re a pretty damn good blogger. What makes you blog so faithfully on your site?

As far as blogs go, I’m not all that bad. I like to write how I might speak. I’m a big advocate for voice, which is why sometimes I don’t worry myself with perfect grammar and word usage. My loyalty to the blog stems primarily from my fans. My website is ranked in the 70,000’s out of 100 million websites worldwide just because of my blog. I’ve got an army behind me and I intend to use it only for good.

Originally, I started the blog to provide the ultimate source of information and news about Brent Corrigan. I don’t pay attention to the rumors or lies, but I can tell you that if you didn’t read it on my blog, it’s probably false. Also, my blog allows me a chance to touch the people who are fascinated with me, or just want to get to know me. I think it’s a shame that people in the entertainment industry are so out of touch with the people who matter most to them: their followers. I try my best to connect with them there. I can’t always get around to fan mail, which is truly a shame. I can only hope that the blog makes up for some of that.

The blog is also accompanied by some pretty racy photos, many of which I see you take yourself. What was the idea behind that?

Our whole angle with the website and what I do there is the reality of it all. We don’t feel the need to camp up things, construe images, or manipulate the look of our boys. We take them as they come. We try our best to enhance them and bring out their max potential. The photos on my blog are a mix of pro shots and amateur shots.

Grant, my boyfriend, takes many of the ones you see there. Dylan Glockler has done most of the pro shots (he’s local out of San Diego, look him up and tell him I sent you!). I have fun with the camera in the mirror sometimes. The whole point is to keep things interesting. I want to look great, but on the other hand, I want people to know I’m normal and that I don’t always look flawless like I do in the pro shots. In the long run, they see the truth (which isn’t something most places provide an opportunity to see) in me.

Is there ever a point when you see yourself getting out of adult entertainment altogether?

I have no plans of staying in the adult business forever. I’m already annoyed with the crappy politics of this industry and just how hypocritical everyone is. Then again, it’s like this anywhere, in any business. I’ll be ready to go when I accomplish what I’ve set out to do. Until then, I’ll fight and fight. I’m a Scorpio, we’re stubborn, determined sexual gods and I intend to make the most of what I’ve been given.

What do you have coming up?

I don’t have any major plans coming up. If I had it my way, the chairman of LSG Media would come to the table and work out the necessary contracts that will allow us to legally run a proper company. In doing so, I’d spend the next year showing everyone my creative, imaginative ideas I want to apply to eroticism. But, in the mean time, I’m open to a few mainstream projects, be it acting or otherwise. I’m probably going to take some guitar lessons and exercise my baritone voice. Just purely for the fun of it. I need more musical therapy in my life. Also, I’m at Donkey Punch at Rich’s in San Diego the second Saturday of every month if anyone would like a chance to see me in action on stage.

As a final note, I encourage everyone to swing by my blog for a little read. I’m still trying to figure out what’s so great about it myself because really all I’m doing is my thing. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, just Brent Corrigan. But I truly invite you to draw your own conclusions! Until next time, I’ll see you at!

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