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Actions Speak Louder than Words!

Originally posted by Brent Corrigan in May 2006 on the old blog. The news articles about Bryan Kocis were removed at Bryans request during early settlement negotiations in December 2006. I am not a party to that settlement so I will be reposting a lot of this material here and on a new Blog! DewayneinSD July 31,2007 _________________________________________________________

Below is a copy of the news article which reported details of the initial charges filed against Bryan of Cobra Video in 2001. He later plead guilty to the felony charge of the “sexual abuse of a child” in early 2002. For this crime he paid an undetermined fine and served just one year probation.

Barely 3 months after his release from probation, he stumbled upon me courtesy of my then boyfriend through an internet chatroom where his relentless attack on me began and continues to this day! Brent Corrigan May 2006

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Paper: Morning Call, The (Allentown, PA)
Title: Man accused of raping South Whitehall boy he met on Net ** The Luzerne County suspect allegedly had sex with the 15-year-old in May and June.
Date: July 13, 2001

A Luzerne County man faces rape charges for two sexual encounters he had with a 15-year-old South Whitehall Township boy he met on the Internet, Luzerne County authorities said.

Bryan Charles Kocis, 39, of XX XXXXXXX XX, Dallas Township, is charged with having sex with the boy in his home in May and June.Dallas Township police, the Luzerne County district attorney’s office and the FBI searched Kocis’ home on Thursday, seizing computers and videotapes.

“The key issue is to understand if any [of the tapes] contain images of children,” said Luzerne County District Attorney David Lupas.

Authorities are trying to determine if there are other victims, Lupas said. Kocis is charged with rape because he may have given the boy a drink that contained a drug impairing him “for the purpose of preventing his resistance.”

The FBI was called into the search in case there is child pornography, and in case crimes were committed across state lines, Lupas said. South Whitehall police said they also had sent an officer to Luzerne County to assist with the investigation.

Kocis was arrested after the boy came forward, said Lupas, adding that authorities are looking into whether there are other suspects.

An affidavit gives these details of the charges:

Kocis and the boy, who used the screen name xxxxxx298, met on “Male to Male,” an America On-Line chat room. In his correspondence, Kocis promised to give the boy a modeling job when he turns 18.

Kocis also asked the boy to send “dirty” pictures of himself and others by e-mail to Cobra Video Co., which he operates.

The boy sent him several pictures, including one displaying his buttocks.

On both occasions in which they met, Kocis picked the boy up near his South Whitehall Township home about 1 p.m. and drove him to Dallas Township.

During the May encounter, Kocis and the boy watched pornographic videos and performed sex acts together.

Kocis told the boy then that he was his “prince.” He also told the boy he had turned video cameras on and that they were going to do a show.

He took the boy home around 6 or 7 p.m.

On their second encounter, Kocis showed the boy a video.

He also brought the boy an open can of soda. After the boy drank it, he felt very tired and his body became partially paralyzed. Kocis then took him to the bedroom where they engaged in sex.

Later, he told the boy he could begin a job he had promised him of stuffing videos for online orders. He eventually took the boy home between 6 and 7 p.m.

The boy told police that he had spoken several times with Kocis online after their encounters. But his parents would not let him back online after they found out what had happened to him.

Kocis also was charged with statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors, sexual abuse of children and unlawful contact or communication with a minor. He was committed to Luzerne County Prison under $75,000 bail.

Reporter Kirk Jackson



brynawel said...

"In his correspondence, Kocis promised to give the boy a modeling job when he turns 18."

That implies Kocis knew the boy was underage. Is it known wether the correspondence was saved and verified by the police? How could the court conclude the boy lied and Kocis was clueless?

Dewayne in SD said...

Brynawel The other clear reference here is to Bryan's drugging of the boy to facilitate Rape. Bryan was a known user of GHB. One of the reasons for my Antipathy towards Bryan. Lets just say I had a very similar experience as the boy in 2001.

BTW I have had a lot of this material since Grant pulled it off the old BCO blog in December. I will begin to repost the articles here and on an eventual Bryan Kocis Blog. I was never a party to that damn settlement!

This article I feel describes what happened in 2001 and is “revealing” of the special deal Bryan’s lawyer cooked up with Judge Michael Conahan! Felony Rape of a Minor reduced to a Slap on the wrist! As a veteran Court watcher in Luzerne County said about this case “It beggars belief that Kocis got off”

brynawel said...

Since I merely know the "Citizen Voice" articles I am very interested in everything you still have in petto. If my memory serves me right there were just 2 or 3 articles linked on the old site.

Conahan will be in office till the end of the year. So I don't expect any steps will be taken against such an (in my eyes) abuse of the law in 2007.

May I ask what Bryan made a known GHB-user (any references in newspapers, rumours, statements by Bryan himself)?

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience!

Dewayne in SD said...

Replied privately