Friday, March 23, 2007

Brent Corrigan puts the LAY in deLAY

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After a few days of slur, I bet y’all are ready for a little substance. I use that word substance loosely of course.

Alright, I guess I’ll give it my best shot. At the very least, you’ll get a semi interesting rant out of it ;-)

So, what the hell has Brent Corrigan been up to?

And what the hell is the deal with that damn Member’s Only Site?

Do you really wanna know? I mean do you really want to be further versed in the misfortune and sorted issues of an ill-fated porn star/porn producer hopeful?

I suppose you should read on if you do. If not, just sit back and enjoy a nice little chuckle over the new photos I posted with this entry. Yes, I got a little bold with these ;-)

Basically, because of delays I’ve been slowly finding other ways to spend my time. Delays! Ha! I’ve spent more time typing that word than the word COCK and this is a porno driven blog!

For a long time I didn’t get out much. I spent most of my 19th year working hard to develop things here at the company. Even with the legal proceedings and being a new company, it seems like it has taken forever. Then again, I’m very new to business and I’ve been trying hard not to get burned while I continue to maintain some sort of stake in all this. How am I doing?! Not so good I think . . .

Despite that, I’ve been getting out more and spending more time making new friends and flexing my social muscle.

I was somewhat reclusive before but recently I’ve been developing a nice little social circle around me. Things seem to be working out nicely and I’m enjoying myself without letting anything or anyone get the best of me.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I also started painting a little. Unfortunately, I’m also starting to develop this pathetic pattern of trying things briefly and then just losing interest. I wonder if I’ve always been this fickle.

So I painted one project and I haven’t touched the brush since. It’s been about a month or more. Before when I painted, I didn’t even finish my work. That was back when things started to get really hairy with the recently settled legal dispute. I thought painting would be a nice stress outlet because it required creative exertion. I have always felt some sort of release of expression when working with a creative outlet.
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So, by being fickle I mean . . . I started painting twice, but lost interest easily. I’ve tried to meditate on a regular basis but can’t seem to bring myself to do it anymore. I started ASK BRENT because I was being asked advice by a general audience and I had always admired advice columnists . . . it’s been forever since I’ve touched that.

The list could go on. However, I’m afraid if I go any further I’ll lose my train of thought just as I have managed to do at least a few times already in this blog post ;-)

One thing that appears to be really working out nicely is Donkey Punch! Oh! I know you guys are so tired of hearing me talk about it.

I’m really beginning to enjoy myself there. It gives me a chance to work with people I like, plus it’s not a very REGULAR commitment. It’s great exercise and I get to perform and be around people who want to be around me, and it’s proving to be quite a creatively stimulating environment. Wow, who would have thought one might get so much out of performing one night a month at a night club?!

The pictures above in my ruffled shirt are from my good friend Paco’s birthday party. Those are from around the time that I took the “normal Brent” photos. That was before I went even further with the haircut . . .

The pictures of Rocket and me on stage are from Saturday night’s Donkey Punch. The theme was the Ide’s of March. After Dylan reformats this video file I will post a link to it. The video is a fast-forward, replayed version of erecting the set and stage for The Ides of March. I’m going to hold on to some of these Donkey Punch pictures for the next one a month away. Unless there is some scheduling conflict I am unaware of at this time, the next Donkey Punch will be April 14, 2007. The second Saturday of every month.

I’ll try my best to keep you guys posted on any details with that. If you haven’t noticed already, not only have I become fickle but even a little random and unreliable.

I hope y’all like the new photos. After cutting my hair this short I was very quickly reminded why I stopped wearing it like this to begin with. I know I look pretty young already as it is, but with my hair short . . . well I’ll let you all fill in that blank.
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Do you think I’ll sell more looking younger? I thought I heard somewhere some asshole grumbling about me looking old. Haha, don’t worry that’s not why I cut my hair.

In other important news . . . (a hint of sarcasm in that one ;-) ) . . .

I haven’t yet addressed the situation with the Member’s Only site. I’ve been very reluctant about promoting the website for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is because of all of you: the viewers.

I’ve been a little bit worried that things aren’t quite ready for a wide audience. At the time when we originally lost billing capabilities, we were only available for purchase for 2.5 days. Those were two-point five very successful days, nonetheless. But! When we originally launched back in October, we did so somewhat haphazardly. If any of you remember at all (or if any of you pay THAT close attention to the blog) then you might remember we launched delayed and later than planned (big surprise there girls and boys!). We went live on a small scale so if there were kinks we could work them out before we went live on the grand scale. Not to mention, at the time we were still refining content to post to the website. We also still had more shooting to do. Plus, shortly after our ‘failed launch’ we went head long into settlement negotiations with the Cobra Video about that lawsuit. Hence, why around November few, if any, posts I wrote included anything about Cobra Video AT ALL. Of course, during negotiations I was held from publicly discussing the progress or even mere idea of the settlement. This of course, aided to the surprise that yes indeed, we had settled the lawsuit.

So, to summarize the point I was trying to make: the website isn’t as shiny as it needs to be. I mean ‘needs to be’ in the context that it NEEDS TO BE THIS WAY for Grant and I to feel confident. Confident? Yes, confident that what we’re bringing all of you is something we’re comfortable asking you to pay for.

Unfortunately, it has become painfully clear that Grant’s and my idea of shiny is not consistent with that of our business partner (the majority stockholder of our company).

To paint a clearer picture, I have blogged here on the website in a decently faithful manner. Not as regularly as some of you might have hoped. But, after 16 months of blogging ( November 2005 was my first month blogging!) I’m still here. I have filmed in or around 20+ action scenes for this company I own a small percentage of. I have lent my name, my face, my personality and just about everything I HAVE for continued promotional appeal to the general adult public (from a worldwide market no doubt).
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The list does go on. But what I would like all of you to know, what I would like all of you to stand testament to, is that I have not, at this time, been issued one meager payment for any of my work here. This baring of course, the generous donations all of you so very thoughtfully sent my way after the ‘failed’ initial launch. One more reason, please note, for why it is so important that what I bring to all of you in my work is of the greatest quality. My loyal fans and followers opened their pocket books (when my business partner would not) so that I could continue to remain blogging here, so that I might remain working so diligently on everything.

For months I worked faithfully with the understanding and agreement that (and majority stock holder) would pay me retroactively starting from about the 3rd month into work. It was understood that I would also, of course, be paid retroactively for all the scenes I filmed for this company. To this date, my business partner (and majority stock holder) refuses to, in e-mail or written form (or even verbally!) acknowledge that I have not been paid.

The real matter here isn’t about payment at all! It’s that the majority stockholder will not agreeably come together with Grant and I to formally and legally draw up a corporate Operating Agreement. At this time, there is no definition of individual duties or decision making principles within the company. We have an LOI (Letter of Intent) that specifically protects the majority stockholder but it does not protect Grant or my interest and hard work and effort.

Further documents were not obtained because at the time of signing the LOI, Grant and I were working half our time on the lawsuit with Cobra Video and the remainder shooting content so we could begin doing business. At THAT time, Grant and I were more concerned with our legal standing with Cobra Video than our own company. I will not go further into reasons for those feelings because I feel I’ve been quite detailed enough.
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One last point I would like to make on the LOI and the Operating Agreement. After settling with Cobra, Grant and I immediately turned our attention to the creation of the corporate documents. Immediately our business partner refused to begin drawing up these documents, as per earlier documents require of him.

So, again to summarize:
1) The website is not up to our standards. (“our” being Grant and I, the visionaries of this website and what we are trying to do here)
2) Grant and I do not want to continue to work as indentured servants for a company (or a man rather) who refuses to give us the same sort of assurances we gave It (him).
3) At this time, the majority stockholder will not hire a webmaster with who will work side by side with Grant and me.
4) So far, there have been no guarantees that future monetary gains from this website will be fed back into production for new content to add later, or even to pay us for that matter.

So, if you’ve signed up for the Member’s Only site, and noticed there hasn’t been anything new added, you may understand now at this time. Furthermore, Grant and I don’t have the attention of a knowledgeable webmaster who can execute our ideas and needs. We have plenty local candidates but Grant’s recent removal (by majority stockholder) as President of the company has left us powerless to make decisions based on hiring, etc;
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If there is at least ONE thing I’ve learned from my lawsuit and settlement with Cobra Video about civil law and business, it’s that in the long run, it’s best to come together and determine jointly the best way to resolve the issues at hand. I’m not quite sure all parties involved want or know independently what is best for this company and what we want to accomplish. Hell! I think part of the major problem is that all parties involved all have their own separate agenda and motives. Me: I want bring a fun, realistic, creative edge to the erotic world and I want to do it well. Grant wants to show other porn studios out there that adult work can be produced without crushing models and damaging them. The majority stockholder. . . we feel hasn’t always been up front about his motives. However, I think it’s pretty clear that he really just wants to make his money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if your one pursuit in business is to make money, success doesn’t necessarily come with it. It’s my feeling that success is more apt to come to a company that sets out to produce something of quality: something of a “cutting edge” in design and content that no one else can offer or IS offering!

My question is simply that: At which point did the majority stockholder get the idea that Grant and I together could not successfully develop this website and vision without dictation? Last time I checked, despite all the legal roadblocks and setbacks we have encountered along the way, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!

Look. I don’t need advice. I just wanted all of you to understand. An explanation. Because I sure as hell know you’re not getting it anywhere else. Grant and I want to move forward and do things as planned. Very sadly, things have occurred that makes that very difficult to do. I’m hopeful that we all can diplomatically agree that certain things need to occur in our company that will legally define parameters. Without those, I can see a much ‘delayed’ future for this website. Dewayne here Brent posted this blog late Monday March 12,2007 it was taken down then reposted. At 5:00 p.m. On Tuesday The Brent Corrigan Blog was taken over by Lee Bergeron and Brent and Grant were locked out of the blog. This is the last "uncensored" post by Brent Corrigan.Brent was "allowed" back into his blog March 13th. Brent posted a "censored version" This "censored" post proved unacceptable as well and Brent was FORCED to remove it. Brents Original post will remain here until Brent asks me to take it down! I have also invited Brent to post anything he wishes here. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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